Milliyet Fenz

Istanbul became very lively during contemporary art week. However, I would not be exaggerating if I said that the real action took place at Lucca and Pilevneli Gallery’s party at the Liqueur Factory. At the night where very good DJs played, the guests overflowed into Mecidiyeköy. The high energy of the young people, which draws you in and makes you find yourself dancing, must have impressed foreign guests like me so much that the word I heard most throughout the night was; It was “Amazing amazing”. While I could not shake off the energy of the most special party I have attended in recent years, a second invitation came from Pilevneli Gallery, this time with the note “It is personal”.

He also took over the place!

Murat Pilevneli, whose talent we always talk about in discovering and even creating artists, had also discovered a venue this time! Murat Pilevneli-Aslı Pamir couple welcomed us at the Fenz Restaurant on the İstinye beach, which I had never heard of before, at the invitation where Arik Levy, Ali Elmacı, Zoe Ouvrier, Tarık Töre and Serkan Sarıer were among the artists they represent. The place, which fascinates people with its location in İstinye Marina, its tastes and its view overlooking the Bosphorus, opened its doors last month. Located on 3 floors with its lounge, fine dining restaurant and roof bar, Fenz offers its guests an intercontinental taste experience.

The restaurant has already become one of the places frequented by food and drink enthusiasts, with its menu that is a synthesis of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine created by Chef Tolga Bozok. The venue seems to be a candidate to recreate the long-awaited entertainment environment of Istanbul with the rhythm it maintains with DJ performances at the roof bar.

An artist at every table

At the private dinner for 60 people, there was an artist at each of our tables. Ali Elmacı fell on my table! Ali Elmacı will spend the next year in Berlin for a very special project.

While we were chatting with all the valuable artists of Pilevneli, Aslı Pamir and Mine Kalpakçıoğlu, who brought us together on the wonderful night where we had a gastronomic feast, also visited all the tables and accompanied the conversations.