FENZ Restaurant opened its doors in İstinye as of September; With its stylish and elegant decoration, location, fascinating Bosphorus view, and menu combining Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, it has already become a frequent destination for gastronomy lovers with a taste for food…

FENZ’s menu, prepared by Chef Tolga Bozok and enriched with various starters, shared plates and main courses, brings together the richness of the Mediterranean and the depths of Asia, creating an unforgettable taste with its dishes that stand out with the high flavor notes of “Mediterrasian Cuisine”. leaving. It arouses curiosity by creating a niche area with the synthesis of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine and Aegean breezes. FENZ; It offers a menu where seafood, meat, vegetables and fresh spices are blended with different cooking techniques. This special menu offers different and impressive experiences with the energy of each dish, turning into a feast of taste with the chef’s gusto.

While FENZ is appreciated by those looking for elegance, sincerity and taste, it is also preferred with its unique location on the İstinye-Yeniköy line, one of the centers of food, beverage and entertainment in Istanbul, and ease of transportation.

The kitchen is waste-free and sustainable

FENZ Restaurant draws attention not only with its achievements in gastronomy but also with its “Waste-free and sustainable cuisine” approach. Aiming to be an example for all businesses in this field, the venue is also sensitive about sustainability by using local products and supporting local producers.

Located on 3 floors with its Lounge, Fine Dining Restaurant and Roof Bar, the venue offers its guests an intercontinental taste experience. Its simple, stylish and sophisticated ambiance, shaped by the design of the famous architect Mahmut Anlar, offers a pleasant environment. This special place where rhythm and taste meet; It also draws attention with its DJ performances at its Roof Bar and the much-missed entertainment environment of Istanbul.

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