The new year party organized by Gardırop Magazine took place the previous evening in İstinye Fenz, hosted by Ağır Gövsa. Famous names from the world of cinema, television, theater and fashion came together at the party. The guests dazzled with their elegance and talked about style at the event.


The love bomb of the night came from Deniz Işın, one of the most popular actors of the last period, who attended the party hand in hand with the handsome actor Erdem Şanlı. Throughout the night, Şanlı couldn’t get enough of kissing his girlfriend Işın.

Gülsim Ali, who attended the night, said, “2023 was a good year. It was healthy, there was work. It was good for me with the holiday and my family. I will close 2023 in Istanbul, of course, if there are no plans. Maybe there is someone. Of course, someone will come into my life, but they are not there these days.” .” he smiled.

Another name who attended the night was İpek Erdem. Answering the questions and appearing after a long time, İpek Erdem said, “I was abroad for a few years. I just came back and started attending invitations. I think I will return to the screens because there are people I have met with. I will also have my own projects. I will also have a documentary project. I will have a documentary project for 4-5 years.” “I did not want to be idle while I was abroad and I am planning a documentary about the lives of the artists there. I can say that I am establishing a new system here.” he said.

Another name who attended the night was Aslı Turanlı. Answering the questions, Aslı Turanlı said that she goes on mental holidays from time to time and said, “I sometimes go on holidays alone. I do not use the phone, for example, sometimes when I go out. I went to the basement, for example, recently. I make myself go camping and do not use the phone for a while. It is difficult at first, but you get used to it. Parties by myself, etc. “I’m doing it.” she said. To questions about his love life, he said, “I don’t want toxic people in my life. I don’t need to hope, I found it and I continue.” she said.

Nazlı Senem Ünal was also among the names that attended the night. Ünal, who played the character “Mine” in the TV series “Three Sisters”, said, “I just left the series. Frankly, I was sad when I left there after two years. Because we established a very good environment and friendships.” He expressed his sadness.