Opened about three months ago in the place of the old Süreyya Restaurant in İstinye, Fenz impresses you with its elegant and stylish decoration but most of all with its view when you enter the door. The menu of the restaurant, headed by Tolga Bozok, is designed as a Mediterranean-Asian synthesis, one of the latest rising trends.

In short, we can say that products specific to the Mediterranean-Aegean Region are prepared and presented using the cooking techniques of Asian cuisines.
Chestnut soup with porcini mushrooms, ravioli with mountain mushrooms and Divle Obruk cheese, served with pure tomato juice infused with tangle, mint oil, dried bonito, and Divle Obruk cheese ravioli are among the dishes I recommend.

Chef Tolga says that although the restaurant features a few special sauces and ingredients from Far Eastern cuisines due to its nature, he makes sure to use mostly fresh and seasonal products and prepares his plates in accordance with waste-free kitchen principles.
In addition to its food, Fenz seems to fill a gap on the İstinye-Yeniköy line with its upstairs bar and DJ performances.