For those who want to experience the excitement and elegance of New Year’s, FENZ Restaurant, one of Istanbul’s most beautifully decorated venues, is making special preparations to offer a magnificent New Year’s experience. The special New Year’s menu, crafted by the legendary Chef Tolga Bozok, combined with DJ and saxophone performances, promises an unforgettable night against the backdrop of the Istanbul Bosphorus.

FENZ Istanbul: The Meeting Point of Flavor and Elegance

Opened in September in Istinye, FENZ Restaurant, located in the former Süreyya Lokantası in Istinye, stands out with its elegant decoration, marina location, and unique Istanbul Bosphorus view. Designed by the renowned architect Mahmut Anlar, the venue offers guests an intercontinental culinary experience in a glittering and stylish environment.

Gastronomy and Entertainment Meet at Three Floors of FENZ

FENZ offers a three-story experience with its Lounge, Fine Dining Restaurant, and Roof Bar. Brasserie FENZ hosts enjoyable gatherings for lunch and becomes an ideal venue for dinner after special cocktails in the evenings. The DJ performances at the Roof Bar create the longed-for entertainment atmosphere of Istanbul.

Unforgettable Tastes on Palates with FENZ’s Flavorful Menu

The synthesis of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine at FENZ is enriched with the chefs’ special touches. Shared starters like Citrus–Chicory Salad & Almond Salsa, Burrata & Mango – Fermented Chickpea Puree, Baked Baby Eggplant & Antakya Salted Yogurt Cream with Miso provide an unforgettable flavor experience at the beginning. For the main course, Duck Leg Confit & Green Apple – Ginger – Mirin Essence takes the flavors to the peak. The night concludes with a sweet finale featuring Rhum Baba & Vanilla Bean Cream.

FENZ Restaurant Information and Reservation

Address: Istinye Mahallesi Istinye Caddesi 12/1A Istanbul
Phone: 0 539 324 09 54
Website: www.fenz.com.tr

FENZ Restaurant, with its unique location on the Istinye-Yeniköy line, known as one of Istanbul’s dining and entertainment centers, continues to be the favorite choice for those seeking flavor, elegance, and intimacy. Contact information for those who want to make reservations for New Year’s is provided above.