Opened in İstinye, Fenz is a restaurant that will attract attention with both its elegance and meticulous menu. Balance and quality of ingredients are at the forefront in all plates, from the artichoke served with pistachio cream to the lagoon served with a sauce made from whey.

A brand new and very stylish restaurant was opened on the İstinye beach at the beginning of October. His name is Fenz. After handing over your coats to the cloakroom at the entrance, you take the elevator to the dining area. Dim lighting adds a romantic and solemn atmosphere to the ambiance. Black and wood tones dominate the decoration. Since it is right on the coastline, it is positioned with a wonderful view of the Bosphorus. Food service starts at 17.00 and continues until 1.00. There is also a bar area on the upper floor where you can sip your drinks before or after your meal. The drink and wine list, including signature cocktails, is also quite extensive. There is also a DJ performance on this floor every Friday and Saturday evening. The founders wanted to open this place, taking advantage of the ‘fine dining’ scene that became active with the arrival of the Michelin Guide in the city. They aim to first get on the recommendation list and then get stars.

Chef Tolga Bozok is in charge of the kitchen. He interprets his menu as a style in which they complement Mediterranean flavors with Asian touches. He says that he tries to achieve balance in all plates in terms of taste and form. For example, in the garden greens salad (310 liras) for starters, orange-yuzu lemon dressing is accompanied by almond salsa and smoked citrus slices. They used watercress, white endive and lolorosso as greens. A very refreshing salad. The finely crafted burrata plate, like a painting, is one of the options that appeals to both the eye and the palate. It is served with a thick sauce prepared with mango puree and miso. There is also a salad with mustard sprouts, basil, endive, homemade plum pickle, fresh mint and edamame.
One of their presentations that I remember most was the artichoke & sake plate (580 lira). There is artichoke puree under the artichoke slices sealed with grape seed oil. Surrounded by pistachio cream, coriander oil and sake.
mirin sauce…


Linguine with red shrimp tartare (580 liras) is one of their signature dishes. Sturgeon shrimp is used. The element that really adds depth to this plate is the intensely flavored bisque sauce with which they blend the pasta. There is an option for main courses that will make everyone happy. I tasted the poached grouper and lamb carcass. The fish comes with a sauce made from whey and sand mussels. Lamb cooked using the sous-vide technique is also tender. Accompaniments are homemade mustard seed pickle and wafer potatoes.

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