Famous Names Started New Year’s Eve Dinners Early With the Arrival of December!

Starting from December 1, famous names started to appear in New Year-themed decorated venues. The best example of this is FENZ RESTAURANT, THE NEWEST ON THE BOSPHORUS, which is a favorite place of celebrities with its New Year’s decorations and menu that are as good as Europe!!!

On Saturday evening, the cameras caught the eye of celebrities leaving Fenz for dinner. Jale Balci, one of the well-known chefs who broke sales records with the cookbook she wrote and became famous by almost reaching the sales of novel books, was also having dinner at Fenz with her friends. One of her friends was Seval Bahçıvan, one of the owners of Bahçıvan Cheeses.

Monik İpekel, who was the Deputy Mayor of Şişli Municipality for many years and founded the Çaba Association, and his daughter Reyhan İpekel also had a pleasant meal with their friends. Hatay Sports coach Gökhan Zan, one of the popular former football players in the football community, and his wife Müge Zan also had a pleasant evening at the dinner. The beloved names of the society who met at FENZ had an unforgettable experience with the “Mediterrasian Cuisine” menu and DJ performance prepared by Chef Tolga Bozok. FENZ Istanbul, which has already captured the former popularity of the Old Süreyya Lokantası in İstinye, has made special preparations for a delicious, fun and sparkling night with a special menu and program for New Year’s Eve!

About Fenz Restaurant:
Gastronomy lovers with a gusto discovered FENZ Restaurant, which opened its doors in İstinye in September, with its stylish and elegant decoration, location at the marina, direct view of the Bosphorus, and menu combining Mediterranean and Asian cuisine…
Located on 3 floors with its Lounge, Fine Dining Restaurant and Roof Bar, FENZ offers its guests an intercontinental taste experience. Its simple, stylish and sophisticated ambiance, shaped by the design of the famous Architect Mahmut Anlar, offers a pleasant environment. Brasserie FENZ, the address for pleasant and delicious lunch meetings, is an ideal place for a delicious dinner after special cocktails after work… This special place where rhythm and taste meet; It also attracts attention by creating the long-awaited entertainment environment of Istanbul with its DJ performances at its Roof Bar. FENZ’s menu leaves an unforgettable taste on the palate with its dishes that combine the richness of the Mediterranean with the depths of Asia and stand out with high flavor notes. While FENZ is appreciated by those looking for elegance, sincerity and taste, it is also preferred with its unique location on the İstinye-Yeniköy line, one of the centers of food, beverage and entertainment in Istanbul, and its ease of transportation.

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